Dublin Seminars --- now that we're back online

I taught a series of classes in and around Dublin during the week of September 16th --- 23rd. My host was Mr. Gerry Lynch of the Red Dragon Kenpo Karate Studios. Gerry and I came together to celebrate his 10th anniversary as Dublin's RED DRAGON! On September 16th, I arrived about half one (that's 1:30pm for you Americans) and our first class was set for 4pm. I was a little jet-lagged, but Gerry and I made our way to the Perrystown Community Center. Mr. Alan Norris was our host, although he was out of town for the event. I introduced many of the Margin for Error Self-Defense models using the framework of Hammer, Whip, and Thrust. That evening Gerry and I had dinner at FXB Steakhouse. We enjoyed perfect steaks, sparkling conversation, and washed it all down with a lovely New Zealand pinotage.

On Sunday, September 17th, I was the guest of John and Pat Ward at their Walkinstown club. I had a chance to see their son Ian again, and to finally meet Adain, their first grandchild. The classes covered a variety of subjects including Contact Manipulation, Principles of Self-Defense for Time and Environment, and effective striking at Contact Manipulation range (interpretations of Striking Set #2). The weather was unseasonably gracious so we "took it outside" for the last hour! (See pictures, with a special thanks to Paul Mann for shooting them!)

I enjoyed our free time on Monday and Tuesday (see pictures of Irish countryside and Gerry and Rocky). Gerry and I trained during the day as well. He was kind enough to teach me a unique version of the Two Man Set that fills in Dead Space, great fun! We also had a chance to work with his students. Monday night training was at the Roadstone club and Tuesday night in the Brittas Community Center. These classes gave me an opportunity to evaluate three students who were to test for 2nd Brown on Wednesday night. After working with these students for 4 to 8 hours, the test was a mere formality. Gerry, Liam Brady, Fran Holmes and I saw everything we needed to see from these talented young people.

By Thursday, I was excited to teach at John Ward's club at Drimnagh Castle (yes, Americans there REALLY is a castle there!). It was good to see John and Pat's son Barry that night. I was happy that John's back injury was improving enough for us to play a bit! We trained on the Equation Formula and had loads of fun! Friday was time for a little Rest and Recuperation. I had a lovely dinner with Carol & Gerry Lynch and John & Pat Ward at a spicy little Italian place. They told fabulous stories of their 35 year friendship and growing up together, accented by good food and a nice Italian sangiovese. Saturday morning had us staying up late and out early enough for me to catch the plane back home! Whew!

The most gratifying part of my trip was that so many talented, high-ranking martial artists were kind enough to attend our classes. I'd like to thank Alan Corrigan (Loreto College), J.J. Kelly (White Tiger Kung-Fu), Ger Hickey (Paul Mills' A.K.K.I.), Kieran Fitzpatrick, Paul Mann and Alan Norris. I'd also like to thank Martin Carey and his lovely wife Paula, Liam Brady, Fran Holmes, and Tommy Flynn. Special thanks to Dessie and James McMenamin and their students who drove all the way from Derry to join us on Sunday. Special thanks must also go out to: Carol Lynch, John and Pat Ward, Liam and Karen Brady and to the one and only Red Dragon, Mr. Gerry Lynch for sponsoring my trip. If I've forgotten to mention anyone, I apologize. I promise to be more conscientious on my next visit.

Posted On: 11-25-2006