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Training, Business, Life is a setting where an individual’s knowledge and ability is the only measure of excellence. I saw a need for a Kenpo website devoid of any organizational agenda. is that website. My name is Dennis Lawson. If you’d like more information about me, please see our bio page. This website offers articles and information about Kenpo and other martial arts as:

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My idea is to move the reader toward a perspective where accurate information is more important than organizational affiliation. This website is a place where acquiring wisdom is not dependent on rank or political connections.

Ultimately, the quality and skill level of YOUR art depends on you!

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Successful environments are constructed on a foundation of shared values and individual commitment. These environments foster a climate where there is dedication to central ideals, and they promote tolerance for members who accept those values and ideals.

  • Our clients are our customers, our process, our product.
  • Ours is an environment where each one of us can strive toward personal excellence.
  • If one individual truly progresses in his or her struggle, all of us progress in some way.
  • We are committed to understanding the Concept of Kenpo.

By incorporating the Concept of Kenpo into our lives, we improve each and every day.

The American Diabetes Association sparked a social networking uproar at its annual meeting in NORTH PARK previously this month when it limited participants from publishing photographs of slip presentations on Twitter: ADA Twitter response for an attendee who published an image from a glide presentation. Medscape, who broke the complete tale on the next day time from the conference, centered on the response by physicians mostly effets .Conference Tweets: Best for patients? But these arguments focus on healthcare providers. What about individuals? Could such analysis have an effect on the 1 out of 10 People in america with diabetes roughly? Michelle Litchman is normally a Utah-based family nurse practitioner who specializes in diabetes treatment. Continue reading

Anti-Bacterial Virus Discovered in Lake Treats Antibiotic-Resistant Infection An anti-bacterial disease within a Connecticut lake successfully treated an 80-year-old doctor using a life-threatening antibiotic-resistant infection in his center, a Yale group of scientists and doctors reported March 8 in the journal Evolution, Medicine, and Open public Health. The full research study shows that the viruses, called bacteriophages, could possibly be a highly effective treatment against many drug-resistant infections, said the researchers. The Connecticut doctor suffered from contamination after he received an aortic arch replacement operation and required massive dosages of antibiotics to keep him alive. Continue reading

Rather than using medications until they fail, can we utilize them so that level of resistance won’t occur?’ To answer the relevant question, Dr Didelot and his group studied surveillance data in resistance to a previously abandoned medication called cefixime. The info had been utilized by them to comprehend how cefixime-resistant bacterias had been pass on among homosexual guys between 2008 and 2015, getting more prevalent the the medication was used much longer, and much less common following the drug was empty. This enabled the researchers to observe how bacteria adapted to new antibiotics and exactly how they increased or reduced their resistance to different antibiotics based on how often these were used. Continue reading

Circuit Courtroom of Appeals, No. 16-2325.. Court voids Baltimore law requiring ‘no abortion’ clinic disclaimers – A federal government appeals court about Fri declared unconstitutional a Baltimore laws requiring pregnancy clinics that usually do not present or refer women for abortions to create signals disclosing that truth in their waiting around rooms. The 4th U.S. Circuit Courtroom of Appeals ruled 3-0 that regulations violated the Initial Amendment free conversation rights of the higher Baltimore Middle for Pregnancy Worries, a Christian nonprofit that delivers prenatal providers and counsels ladies on abortion alternatives.S. Continue reading

Talk therapy may help soldiers combat insomnia – Chat therapy for insomnia works well at reducing insomnia, aswell as mental exhaustion, among military staff, according to a fresh study hemme sainte . FILE Image: Troops from another Brigade, 1st Cavalry Department sleep while looking forward to processing to begin with the unit’s trip back again to america, at Camp Virginia, December 20 kuwait, 2011. REUTERS/Lucas Jackson For the brand new analysis, published on the web in Sleep, experts recruited 151 active-duty U.S. Military staff stationed at Fort Hood, Tx who experienced chronic sleeplessness and randomly designated half of these to get six every week 60-minute periods of cure cognitive behavior therapy for sleeplessness . Continue reading

That scandal caused distrust in produced infant formula and benefited foreign suppliers such as for example Nestle locally, Lactalis and danone. The European Centre for Disease Control and Prevention said on Jan. 5 that one baby in Spain acquired fallen ill using a salmonella an infection linked to polluted Lactalis baby dairy and another case in Greece was regarded as related. Slideshow A judicial analysis is occurring in France within the contaminants and several People from france parents of affected newborns said on Friday that these were considering a joint lawsuit.. Continue reading

Bisphenol A exposure through the skin from store receipts takes longer to be excreted -A couple of experts, one using the School of Alberta the additional with Stockholm University or college, has discovered that it requires longer for folks to excrete bisphenol A from your body than when the substance is consumed. Within their paper released in the journal Environmental Technology & Technology, Jiaying Liu and Jonathan Martin explain their research and just why they believe their results suggest a vacation to the shop could present a wellness hazard for customers. Continue reading

Boundaries and balance: To thine own self be true Being a Medical Economics editorial advisory panel member, I had been privileged to learn the finalist entries in the 2017 Doctors Writing Contest.All competition finalists shared smart concepts to govern the continual, competing needs on our period and interest and crafted individualized programs to thrive in an occupation at risky for burnout.Essays protected a number of themes. Several entrants briefly related personal problems in attaining stability, then outlined useful strategies that any doctor could adopt to handle a profession that will not stay inside the limitations we set.Various other authors described a profession path going for unhappiness, recognized they required a deep change, and proceeded to creatively, and for a few drastically, alter their job or themselves to improve their life satisfaction. Continue reading

This is actually the first study to work with artificial intelligence for discovering an array of acute neurologic events also to demonstrate a primary clinical application. Research workers utilized 37,236 mind CT scans to teach a deep neural network to recognize whether a graphic contained important or noncritical results. The system was examined within a blinded, randomized managed trial inside a simulated medical environment where it triaged mind CT scans predicated on intensity. The software applications was examined for how quickly it might recognize and offer notification versus enough time it got a radiologist to note a disease.

Many of them hadn’t previously been associated with any mind procedure, Dr. Konopka stated. Dr. Lega is definitely hopeful the results can help researchers better understand and deal with a variety of conditions concerning memory space impairment, from epilepsy to Alzheimer’s disease. He also expectations the study’s achievement in merging genetics and cognitive neuroscience can encourage more researchers to attain beyond their regions of expertise to raise their research. ‘This sort of collaboration isn’t feasible unless high-quality neuroscience study and academically minded clinicians are in close physical and intellectual closeness. Continue reading