Martial Arts Gathering + Seminars

Newcastle upon Tyne

Friday, Saturday and Sunday the 21st 22nd and 23rd of November.

The cost for all three days Friday Evening, All day Saturday and Sunday 10 until 1 pm 30 or 10 per session.

Lucinda and Iain Evans Newcastle
Black Belt instructors in the art of Escrima, weapons and empty hand

Richard Matthews Jersey
6th Degree Black Belt in Ed Parkers Kenpo Karate.

Kevin Laughlin Newcastle
5th Degree Black Belt Karate and self defence

Bill McElhone Scotland
4th Degree Tae Kwon Do Instructor

Les Grihault County Durham
Black Belt Kenpo Karate Instructor


St Aidans Community Centre,
Newcastle upon Tyne.

10 mins by taxi from the train station
5 mins by taxi from Newcastle International Airport

Any one from any style who want to take a workshop please let me know


Mike Ilderto
Home 0191 236 2899
Office 0191 417 8125
FAX 0191 417 5948

Posted On: 10-23-2008