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Anti-Bacterial Virus Discovered in Lake Treats Antibiotic-Resistant Infection An anti-bacterial disease within a Connecticut lake successfully treated an 80-year-old doctor using a life-threatening antibiotic-resistant infection in his center, a Yale group of scientists and doctors reported March 8 in the journal Evolution, Medicine, and Open public Health. The full research study shows that the viruses, called bacteriophages, could possibly be a highly effective treatment against many drug-resistant infections, said the researchers. The Connecticut doctor suffered from contamination after he received an aortic arch replacement operation and required massive dosages of antibiotics to keep him alive.10 that he’d concern the declaration. ‘It really is a serious issue famous brands which we’ve never really had. A spokeswoman for HHS, asked about this previous opposition, directed to a declaration the secretary released on Aug. In their notice, Brown and Markey ask the White House for specific information regarding the timeline for any declaration and which agencies get excited about the review course of action. Those include: Mandating doctor education initiatives to make sure that healthcare providers usually do not over-prescribe opioids, a significant driver from the epidemic.