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Both research were posted in the United kingdom Journal of Clinical Pharmacology. Neither scholarly research examined prices of health issues connected with taking an excessive amount of acetaminophen, nor why utilization rises seasonally or higher period.. Painkiller overuse spikes during cold and flu season By Lisa Rapaport – An increasing number of people are acquiring high doses from the painkiller acetaminophen, and several take a lot during chilly and flu period that they operate the chance of liver organ and kidney harm, two studies recommend.They may be hearty and filling up also, to allow them to keep your bodyweight in balance without compromising over the taste. RELATED: 11 HEALTH ADVANTAGES Of Light Mushrooms 3. Garlic Garlic clove contains antioxidant properties that preserve chilly and flu away. In addition, it contains a dynamic chemical known as allicin that really helps to boost the disease fighting capability. Garlic promotes hair regrowth and prevents diseases also. 4. Onions The anti-inflammatory chemical in onions, called quercetin, lowers the chance of cancer, prevents arthritis, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and helps have a stronger disease fighting capability.